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[JAI-IMAGEIO] What is supported only when the native libraries are available

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If native libraries are disabled by some means on a supported system or if the
jai_imageio.jar file is used by itself on an unsupported system certain
performance enhancements and capabilities will be missing.

1. Performance Enhancements

* 2-8 bit/sample baseline JPEG (fallback to javase plugin)
* PNG (fallback to javase plugin)
* JPEG 2000 (fallback to Java implementation)
* TIFF bilevel encodings (fallback to Java implementation)

2. JPEG Capabilities

* CMYK support
* Automatic loading of ICC profile
* EXIF thumbnail and metadata reading
* >8 bit/sample baseline JPEG
* lossless JPEG

This ought to be in a FAQ ...

Brian Burkhalter
Java Media, Imaging, and Graphics
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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I agree with you very very much!!!