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3D mindmapping application written in Java - Pro Beta released

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Joined: 2006-09-17

3D Topicscape, the software for mindmapping and concept mapping in 3D, is now available in Beta with:-
- many new skins,
- extended import and export (including OML and OPML),
- file preview,
- 'flagged' topics,
- inter-Topicscape links to specific topics,
- zoom improvements,
- 'hovering' topic cones,
- built-in demo functions and
- forward flight to retrace steps that have been backspaced.

These functions greatly extend Topicscape's capabilities as an information management system, and add to its usability for users moving to 3D from traditional mindmapping. Find out more at

3D-Scape have also introduced a Mindmaps Directory with hundreds of thumbnails and links to original mindmaps at