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Problem configuring container-wide Message Security for WS

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Joined: 2006-12-05

I could not find any thread that deals with my problem. May be it is just to simple :-)
I run Glassfish v2 b19 on Linux with jdk1.5.0_09. I downloaded the web service tutorial with the samples (, compiled and deployed the simple Hello-Service. Compiled the client part and run it. Everything is perfect.
Now I wanted to test the security configuration and entered the admin console. I followed the instructions in the Sun "Java SystemApplication Server Platform Edition 9 Administration Guide " to enable message security for the container as default. I followed all the instructions in chapter 9 "Message Security", have chosen the ServerProvider as authentication provider for SOAP messages and restarted the server.
I started the simpleclient for the helloservice again and
expected the web service not to answer the client request or only return an authorization error message or somthing like that. But funnily everything still works fine.

Has anyone any idea?

Best regardsm