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Re: K800 Http mangling

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Ian Strain wrote:

>o2 doesn't support http connections for pay and go

Someone sent me this offlist:

"To work with the WAP flatrate of the mobile
operator o2... J2ME applications .. require some special HTTP headers to
be sent along with each HTTP request in order to pass their
WAP gateway (the reason for this filtering is that o2 wants
to ensure that the WAP flatrate is only being used with mobile
devices). Most J2ME applications don't have these headers set.

The requirements for the headers are:
- the 'User-Agent' header must be recognized as a user agent
belonging to a mobile device, e.g.
'Nokia6600/1.0 (4.03.24) SymbianOS/6.1 Series60/2.0' or
'Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1' will pass.
- either the 'Profile' or 'X-WAP-Profile' header must be
present, but can have an arbitrary value, e.g. 'foo' or


Again, is there anyone from O2 on this list, or does anyone have a
technical contact there?


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