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multiple dialog display problem.

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Joined: 2006-05-08

I have an application that opens a modal dialog. This modal dialog allows users to start a process. This process opens another modal dialog that displays a progress bar. During the course of its functioning, this process activates a sub-process, which also opens a dialog that shows its progress. However since there is no hooks to the 'parent' process, the dialog is not modal. This works perfectly fine in jdk1.5.0_09. However, in jdk 1.6.0 rc-b104 the last dialog is not being displayed. I believe this has to do with it being non-modal, because if I change it to modal, it displays fine. I believe this is a problem as this works without a problem in java 1.5.

Additionally, I don't know if you would consider this a problem but another thing I noted is this: the application is multi-threaded, so if after I change the dialog to modal, if I do not make SURE that updates to the progress bar are not being made in the dispatch thread, they will not be processed. I know it is suggested that all UI updates are made in the ui thread, but it worked OK without being in the UI thread before.