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JSSE with CDC - package

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i build the cvm with the options OPT_PKGS=all and SECURITY_PKGS=all but i can't get jsse_cdc.jar and what else belongs to it.

I've tried the Security Optional Package RI Version 1.1 from Sun. But then the class sun.misc.Cache (in foundation.jar) is absent.

How do i get SSL-Support?


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Joined: 2006-10-17

Because of intellectual property and (more importantly)
export control issues, the SSL support which was included
in the SecOP 1.1 RI has not been migrated to the OSS
repositories. At this point I'd suggest you use the JSR
219 RI if you need SSL functionality (the sun.misc.Cache
class you note is present in the foundation_security.jar
file there).