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JGoodies JComboBox problem when using "plastic3dLookandfeel"

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Joined: 2004-06-05

Hi all,

I have a Swing application that works fine when using Windows XP or any other Native Look and Feel.

But when I try to use Plastic3DLookAndFeel from JGoodies Looks, my JComboBox doesn't appear...

I've tried to set border (Etched Border), and then I could see that my JComboBox is over there, but the default selected index (0, with text "please select an item"), does not appears.

I'm am using JRE 1.5 update 9 version, and JGoodies Looks 2.0.4 version.

Anyone know what a hell is this problem, and how to solve it?

Thanks for you all for your time.

Fabricio Braga

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Joined: 2003-06-11

Hi again,

Please follow the instructions I mentioned before:
1) post to the JGoodies support mailing list and
2) provide all information given in the "How to report a problem" FAQ.
Otherwise you bypass developers that may help you,
and we lack information required to help you.

The most important information is, whether you experience
the same situation with the default core Java L&f (not
the Sun Windows L&f). Also, a screenshot may help, and
you may add information where you put the combo.

I look forward to getting these information in the Looks mailing list,

Joined: 2003-06-11


Please clarify first, whether this is a problem with the JGoodies
Plastic3D L&f, or with its super L&f, the Sun Java L&f.
For a bug report, we need the information listed here:

Please report the problem - if in the JGoodies L&f - here:

I look forward to getting your report in the user mailing list.
Best regards,

Joined: 2004-06-05


Thanks for your fast reply. I still don't know why the problem happens, but I've found a solution.

It seems to be a focus problem, or something like this.

I was trying to make that JComboBox work... so I was browsing my application's menus and frames... and then I got the following:

Every time I rezise my application's main window (JFrame), the JComboBoxes came to be visible! So I tried set the focus (using "requestFocus()" method):

1 - On main application window
2 - On some of the various JComboBoxes
3 - Any other component, like a JTextField or JButton, located in the same JPanel of my JComboBoxes

But none of this options did make it works... My JComboBoxes were still unvisible. :o(

So what I did is "force" my applications main JFrame to be resized (putting the resize code into the constructor), and now the problem is solved!

Yes, I know, it is a terrible and not an elegant solution. But at last... it works! :o)

An intersting point is that the problem don't occorus if I use the default UIManager (WindowsXP), the problem only occours if I use one of "looks" UIManager.

Fabricio Braga