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FreeType for PutPixel

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I've changed the midp/src/lowlevelui/graphics/putpixel/native/gxj_text.c inorder to use FreeType (

It's working just as a replacement for bitmap font (no additional function yet) and also silly-written, no-optimization but working :)

I think people can use freetype to support more than one face type for PutPixel.

Anyone interested?

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Joined: 2008-03-27

HI selenau,
I am very interested in porting the freetype.
I also want to change the MIDP font inorder to use freetype that i can use ttf style chars of chinese.
Now, I've implement a simple C program to test freetype. It works on i386 and ubuntu platform system.
May be we can contact.

This is my MSN

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Hi Selenau (using your login ...),

Sorry for the slow reply (Thanksgiving ...).

Regarding contributions: As a member (observer role) you have access to the project but in order to contribute to the Mobile & Embedded Community you need to sign a contributor agreement. A contributor agreement defines the legal terms under which you contribute code and ensures that all code contributed in a project meets certain legal requirements.

Different projects may have different contributor agreements with different terms. Your FreeType contribution would go into the phoneME project and therefore you are required to sign and return to Sun a Sun Contributor Agreement (SCA) This is the Sun-wide contributor agreement for all Sun open source projects.

Any contribution you submit will go to a committer on the phoneME project. One of the first things the committer will do is to verify that you have signed the SCA. Without an SCA the committer cannot accept your contribution.

Let me know if that makes sense,

-- Terrence

Terrence Barr
Evangelist, Java Mobile & Embedded Community
Sun Microsystems, Germany

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Need to note that MR1 is already released so your contribution will go to MR2 which will appear here shortly.

Please could you take a look at
and especially

For the description of contribution process. This is essential for your code to be integrated into the product


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5. Important Roles

Contributor ( "Observer")

By signing up for a ID you will have the "Observer" role by default. This means you can access all information and code in the Mobile & Embedded community, view and post issues, and participate on mailing lists and forums. This role is also sufficient to discuss and to submit contributions.

So I do not need to sign anything because I'm a member of, also don't need anything else. (

But still don't know how to share code on

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I think that guys in US who may guide you through the process are on ThanksGiven hollidays today. Please wait for a day or two and they would be able to explain all details about roles.


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Sure, it sounds interesting :)
Especially regarding more than modest fonts support in PuPixel library.
Please go forward and share with us your prototype.


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Shall I paste here? (I tried but it looked ugly) Can't see a tag like "code" anywhere...