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FAQ: How Do I Contribute?

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If you can't wait to get started ;-) then read this first:

The Mobile & Embedded Community welcomes and encourages your contributions! Getting involved is easy as long as you understand a few basic concepts.

1. Starting Point

Your starting point for everything related to participation and contribution is I suggest bookmarking this page because it is your top-level entry point and you will likely come back to it frequently.

2. Governance Document and Project Management

The community-wide governance document: defines how the community operates. You will want to review this at least superficially at this point to get an idea of the terms and concepts. In particular, you will be interested in the "Roles and Responsibilities" section.

The Mobile & Embedded Community has two core projects, phoneME and cqME, which define additional project management guidelines at

3. Participation Guidelines

On a project-level each project in the community may have its own specific participation guidelines. The complete participation guidelines for the core projects, phoneME and cqME, can be found here Non-core projects are free to adopt, modify, or ignore these guideliens as they deem appropriate.

4. Contribution Process

An important part of the participation guidelines is the contribution process defined at This is a section you should review thoroughly as it is key to understanding what you need to do to get plugged into the contribution process.

5. Important Roles

Contributor ( "Observer")

By signing up for a ID you will have the "Observer" role by default. This means you can access all information and code in the Mobile & Embedded community, view and post issues, and participate on mailing lists and forums. This role is also sufficient to discuss and to submit contributions.

Core Contributor

The phoneME and cqME projects also define the role of a Core Contributor. A Core Contributor is a contributor who has been significantly involved in a project over a substantial period of time by making important contributions and by being recognized as a critical member of the project.

Committer ( "Developer")

Only Committers have write access to the project repositories. Because commit rights come with significant responsibilties Committers are typically experienced Contributors who have been involved with a project for some time, have made significant and continued contributions, and thus who have shown to merit the Committer role (on phoneME and cqME this means the member will already have achieved Core Contributor status). If a Contributor feels they meet these requirements they can request the "Developer" role for a particular project. The request will be sent to the project owner who will review the request and will approve or deny it based on the particular circumstances. If your request is denied please do not consider it permanent. Instead, you are encouraged to continue to be involved in the project as a Contributor and re-request the Committer role at a later time.

6. Integrating Contributions

Contributions can only be committed to a repository by a Committer. It is the responsibility of the Committer to review to a contribution and ensure its completeness, quality, and that all necessary process steps have been followed. For details please see

7. Help!

There are several ways to get help on this topic. If you haven't found a Committer yet with whom to work it is best to post your questions on this forum. If you already have identified a Committer then that person is your first and best contact for guiding you through the process.


-- Terrence

Terrence Barr
Evangelist, Java Mobile & Embedded Community
Sun Microsystems, Germany