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mysterious NoSuchMethodError ( ) in stateless session bean

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We write an EJB-based network tester application system. Sometimes deploying the server part of the system results in a strange error (for us). The problem is the following:
The application deploys successfully, no problems mentioned in glassfish's response. Some functionality is completely usable but some stateless session beans can't construct SOME objects (always from the same class). The log contains a stack trace instead, the root cause is NoSuchMethodError. According to the message the constructor is missing for that class but it's there!

The most weird thing is that some deployments have this error while others don't. So sometimes I have to deploy the same application 4-5 times to get a working one. There are cases when the application is deployed right after app. server startup (and fails at this point) so I don't think it is caused by too many deployments.

I read somewhere that this could happen due to small memory limits. The running glassfish instance is started with -Xmx1024m and -XX:MaxPermSize=512m. I think these should be enough. Am I wrong?

What other problems can cause symtoms like this? I tried a lot of workarounds and nothing helped.

Thanks in advance,