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how to bind an object to JNDI service from my standalone application ?

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Joined: 2006-11-16

In my standalone application,I create an object which implements Remote interface.
I'm trying to bind this object to JNDI service in order that another standalone application can lookup it and invoke it's method. My code is as follows:
UiServer myObject=new UiServer();
InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();

I get an error "UiServer not exported, or else is actually a JRMP stub".
Then I try following line:
I get an error "Stub class not found:UiServer_Stub"

Couldn't it create stub dynamically? Must I create
static stub using rmic? If I use weblogic 8.2 and it's
WLInitialContextFactory,it's no problem.

Thank you!