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How to do development on linux IA32 platform?

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I think most of you have already taken a look at the Sun phoneME project.
Unfortunately, it cannot be used on Linux platform as its target. So, is
there any idea about doing development inside the CLDC or MIDP for phoneME
on Linux IA32 platform?


I would remember that if researchers were not ambitious
probably today we haven't the technology we are using!

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Hi Neo,

The MR1 feature phone (CLDC/MIDP) source bundle phoneme_feature-mr1-rel-src-b04-09_nov_2006 has various Linux/IA32 build targets (for frame buffer or for QtE). You can download the bundle from
and compile it for the desired target using the getting started guide on

Note that questions specific to the feature phone are best posted to

Hope this helps,

Terrence Barr
Evangelist, Java Mobile & Embedded Community
Sun Microsystems, Germany