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SOA: How to ensure a WSDL/SOAP payload of a given form ??

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Joined: 2005-12-20

I need to be able to create a web service which will be invoked by a SOAP payload of a specific form. I have a facility which is a SOA system with a client-side which generates a specific XML-RPC which we receive on the server side, unwrap, then pickup one element of the payload (which is itself an XML-RPC) and use that to invoke the service.

All of the present services are written in C++. we want to create a java alternative to using C++, but we must use the same SOAP package generated by the client side to invoke the java server-side services, as well.

As best I can tell the annotations embedded in a JEE5 web service dictate the form of the [generated] WSDL and therefore the form of the SAOP payload delivered to the server-side service.

Where can I find detail on how to achieve this? Thanks!