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[JAI-IMAGEIO] RE: [JAI] Re: JAI Memory Leak

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Brian Burkhalter

On Fri, 3 Nov 2006, Nidel, Mike wrote:

> Just to throw in a comment out of left field, we have a capability
> that writes ~200 jpegs cropped out of an input image. We call this
> a "chipper". We ran this it for about 100 images, ~200 chips for
> each, and it ran out of memory around number 70 or so.
> it's certainly not out of the question that we might have a memory
> leak in our own code, but if others are seeing a leak in the JPEG
> writer that could mean there really is a problem.

If there is a memory leak then someone should file an issue against this
including a test case and any requisite data. This would be done here

and the subcomponent would be "codeclib". If its a question of the
com.sun.imageio writer however that would need to be filed in the
Bug Database.

> HOWEVER, i just realized this is the JAI interest list, not
> JAI ImageIO. I get both so it's easy to mix them up if I'm not
> paying attention. This question is probably more appropriate for
> JAI ImageIO interest.

That is correct.


Brian Burkhalter
Java Media, Imaging, and Graphics
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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