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Path Effect improvments

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I've made significant improvements to the NeonBorderPathEffect. This
is a path effect which creates a rounded gradient border effect
around your shape. Essentially it interpolates between two colors you
provide creating a gradient strip which is then bent around your
shape. You can now specify if you want it to be inside, outside, or
centered on the actual edge of your shape; just like in Photoshop!
Eventually I think it will be possible to provide a gradient rather
than two colors, but one thing at a time.

NeonBorderPathEffect now respects the offset.

I fixed most of the clipping bugs in the base PathEffect when you
have wide effect or negative offsets.

There are new demos for all of this. A JNLP is coming.


* I think it may be time to change PathEffect into AbstractPathEffect
and make PathEffect be the base interface with just the apply method.
AbstractPathEffect will then be the base for the shadow, glow, inner
shadow, and inner glow effects (which are all identical except for
the initial parameters).

* NeonBorderPathEffect should probably be changed to
gradientPathEffect or some other better name. Any ideas?

* What other path effects can we imagine?


- Blasting forth in three part harmony!