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Inclusion of 16bit c/c++ like functions in java

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I am not urging anything. I just want to know what reason people give for not having some functions in java like ones we find in c or c++. Like simple clrscr(), getch() or Graphics functions to draw in console window. Well, I know these are old and Swing and AWT are there for GUI. But, still for the school students that are learning java, after learning c/c++ would find it useful if there some c/c++ like functions. Java developers had made printf method in, inspired by c. It is good since it is a function to which we can pass a variable number of and unknown type of parameters. So why not some more methods like this? Neither do I mean scanf or cin: something which has a direct substitute, nor to make java entirely like c/c++ so that no one needs to learn much in java initially after learning c/c++. A simple thing which a new java user expects is a ‘clear screen’ method. Well, till now I have not found a way of using an InputStream (like to get a character as it is pressed (something equivalent to getch()). A new class has been included in jdk1.6.0. I think there is nothing bad in adding few old age functions there or somewhere. Well if the idea is not bad, why not include them now? Nevertheless, if there is something which I am not considering – tell me!
Thanks Forum members and please reply – I don’t post much!