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A Question and a suggestion to Chris Campbell's PhotoCube demo

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Hi Chris,
a question:
I use JDK 6.0 b103 and NetBeans 5.5 in WinXP SP2. When I run your PhotoCube demo, NetBeans output "Could not enable OpenGL pipeline for default config on screen 0".
What does this mean?
a suggestion:
Chris write in the blog "Hans thinks we're incapable of writing a 2D/3D demo that goes outside the realm of photo viewers". Maybe a Swing and JOGL mixing app like this "" (which uses FLTK, OpenGL and GLUT) will also be a good example to show how to mix Swing and JOGL.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Regarding the error message you are seeing, I already replied to your same question in the comments section of my blog a couple weeks ago:

Here's the text of my response, for the record:
@ylzhao: That message means that the OpenGL-based Java2D pipeline is unavailable on your system. It could be caused by one of a number of reasons, e.g. are you using an unsupported graphics board, like Intel? Or maybe you don't have the latest drivers installed? You can get more details by setting the following environment variable before running an app, for example:
% [jdk1.6.0]/bin/java -Dsun.java2d.opengl=True -jar SwingSet2.jar

Thanks, Chris.