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JSplitPane bug

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Joined: 2004-05-04

Yesterday I have tested JFreeChart
on Linux with JDK 6 rc 103.

And the demo program of it shows a bug.

As you can see at the fowllowing screenshot of that side

the window is splitted in three parts:
The left one with a tree-structure and on the right side it is splittet in the top and to the buttom. On the top is a graphic and at the buttom a description for the graphic.

If you start the program, at the beginning is on the right top field only a little text and no graphic.

With all JDK versions on windows and with JDK 5 on Linux the field for the right top and the right button (created by the splitpane on the right) have alreaady the sizes like on the screenshot.

But with JDK 6 on Linux, the top right field is a lot of smaller and the top left fiueld a lot of bigger. The top right field is only so big, that you can read and see the text perfectly, which is shown there after the start.
So it seems, that a method for setting the position of this splitpane do not have any effect.

I have tested it also with some other versions of JDK 6 then rc-103. Up until rc-89 or so. In all versions existing the bug.

But as I already have said: With JDK 1.5 there existing on Linux not the bug.
And on Windows there existing neither on JDK 1.5 nor on JDK 6 this bug.