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3DS max models are imported in an unpredictable size into my Java3D app

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Hi again,
I am a newbie to Java3D, but unfortunately I have to include some Java3D stuff into an application for my diploma thesis.
First of all a short explanation of my application:
I have to make an architectural walk-through for my university. The user can search a room or a person in a database and should then be guided to that room in a 3D representation of the university. There is no interactivity planned in the walk-through. The way points should be calculated and passed to an RotPosScalePathInterpolator which moves the ViewPlatform to the way points.
The models of the university have been created in 3DS Max 8 by other students and have been exported to VRML,3DS and OBJ files.

So far I encountered 1 major problem:
No model is loaded correct or the heap of the JVM runs out of memory during loading the files. I tried the standard OBJ loader, two different 3DS loaders and a VRML loader.No one could load all models correct.(I opened another topic on this)

As a result I made own models - very simple ones - to test the loaders. The models are loaded without any errors so far but they are not the size I expected.
I created them in meter units in 3DS Max because I thought the default unit in Java3D is meter. So I didn't expected such scale problems. I used the default Locale constructed without any special HiResCoords.
I examined the size of the bounding box of the loaded objects and a standard box created in 3DS Max with 10m width,length and height has a bounding box of 1,732m

Any hints on the relation between the coordinate units (meters) in Max an of those in Java3D ?