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how can i connect to remote database from netbeans

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I have got MySQL database server installed and running on a different machine. Is there any way to connect and browse database remotely using netbeans 5.5?

I have added connector/driver for that database. i can connect and browse the database with host: "localhost" and port number. But when i specified the ip address of that machine, it gives me error.

Can anyone help please.


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As Mithat said - please tell us more about this error.
I've tested connection to my remote db (
using host name as well as IP worked for me.
I have NB5.5RC1 and this MySQL connector:
Hmm, please verify port number used by your db server.
It's usually 3306, but not always...

And one additional test: try to verify if connection is
possible at all using any other mysql client...


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Until now, you might have solved your problem.

If you have not, please give more detail about the error.

Also, have you tried to ping mysql server's ip address from your computer?