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Tomcat server hanging if I cancel (from Browser) loading records from DB

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Joined: 2006-09-18

Hi All,

My Tomcat server is hanging if I click cancel icon of browser while loading records from Databse.

My scenorio is,

I am loading records from Databse on menu click.
If I click on menu & immediately if I stop loading records(by clicking browser cancel icon).My tomcat server then gets hang.
But there is no error in tomcat console.

means then further I am not able to do any action in my application.

I am using Java Persistence Framework,Java 1.5,Tomcat 5.5
Also I am using toplink-essentials-agent.jar,toplink-essentials.jar

My Persistence.xml is,



Any suggesions ? Is there any tomcat setting needed ?
Or this is my code problem ?

Thanks in advance