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bugs, bugs, bugs

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Joined: 2004-05-04

Tested the following bugs with build 1.6.0-rc-b102. And some bugs are also on versins before.

1. The game "Fox Hunt v0.4" by Vyachestav Zamyatin
goes, if you have other windows behind it open, in the background. Its only with Suns implementation and I have the problem only on Linux - on Windows it runs right and is still on the front after a restart. GNU Classpath and Harmony works like Suns Windows implementation.

2. The program, have with Suns Java-implementation on Windows the dialogwindow on the fron and the fullscreen-window on the background. But on Linux, it is the other way around. There you can not see the dialog-windows. GNU Classpath implemenations on the other sinde, runs right, like Suns Windows-implementation.
The program you can find at
Listing 14.8

3. Running the GraphLayout-Applet-Demos, which are part of the JDK, with the Appletviwer works on Windows and Linux ok.
But running it on SuSE 10.1 with Firefox, you can press the "Scramble" button and all is ok. But if you press the "Shake" button, the complete browser hangs up, so that I must kill all java-processes.
Don't know, if it is a firefox or java-bug.

4. The wrong shadow under the horizontal scrollbar, which is a very long time wrong drawn.
Which you could also seen with the GNU Classpath Swing demos.
(You can only see it in a few programs, where the programs, where the scrollbar is allone in the middle of the window)

5. If the window-frame is also written by Java (Like the MetalWorks demo), then on Linux you can not move the window outside the screen. On Windows it is possible.