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Just a bit confused about JDK 6 and JDK 7 progress....

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Joined: 2005-02-24

Maybe I am not looking in all the right areas, but it seems to me that:

Regarding Mustang builds:

There has been no significant output for the last 4 or 5 weekly iterations (B101 had 3 items only on the change list)

Regarding Dolphin builds:

Nothing for ages. I know that the Sun folks said that early builds of JDK 7 were an internal initiative to 'get the ball rolling' (not a quote from Sun, just a figure of speech), but it seems that for at least 2 months JDK 7 has been at beta 1, and there are *still* no release notes.

Maybe someone could please put a post on the jdk feedback forum or somewhere about what is happening, because I am a bit surprised about this media blackout that seems to have occurred.

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Joined: 2003-06-11

"Is there something in particular you want to hear about in JDK 7?"

Off the top of my head -- JSRs 203, 277, 294, 296, and the other language changes. Sadly, JSR 121 doesn't seem to be on the table, yet.

Joined: 2005-02-24

Thanks for the feedback :-)
I made a mistake there with 'beta' 1 - I meant 'build' 1.
Sorry if I sounded a bit negative with terms like 'media blackout' - just wondering what was happening at the moment.

BTW - sometime ago I saw a presentation about ideas for candidate features in JDK 7. Is there any updated info about candidate features?



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JDK 7 build b02 is up on the web.


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As a JDK release finishes up (like JDK 6 or Mustang), there is a great deal of energy that still needs to go into finializing the product. JDK 6 is a pretty done deal as far as the engineering team goes, but it will take some time for us to get moving on JDK 7 (Dolphin) which isn't any where near a beta, not sure where you are seeing a JDK 7 beta 1. The JDK 7 at is just Build 1 or 2 of JDK 7. Also, with all the changes coming like changing the Source Code Management system we use, and the open source activity, we are a bit busy around here. I don't think there is any intention of having a Media blackout.

Is there something in particular you want to hear about in JDK 7?


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Thanks for the update, I thought that you are having a bit of reorganization pains, with opensourcing announced and all.

What I (we) would like to know about jdk7 is when can we expect regular builds coming out.

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Even when they do start coming out, it will probably be a few months before anything interesting happens. That's how it was with JDK6, anyway. And they're not called Mustang and Dolphin any more, they're just JDK 6 and JDK 7. Part of that reorginazion, I guess.

Joined: 2006-02-27

There have not been changes to JDK 7 since the last promotion. When there are changes I will do a promotion. Some changes are expected to go in within the next week or so and if so you will see a second JDK 7 promotion.
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> There have not been changes to JDK 7 since the last
> promotion.

At which point can we expect to see code from the various subprojects ( in the JDK7 development workspace?

Will active development take place there, or will we only see large code pushes after a few months?


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Hi Mattias and all,

Like Kelly said we're all a bit busy round here figuring out the open source model, finishing JDK6...and for Dolphin still doing planning.

I think its going to be some months before anything from many of the JSRs we may intend for 7 start showing up in the builds. Some of them have only just started, others have yet to release public drafts.

No media blackout, we're just not there yet !

- Danny

Joined: 2005-02-24

It seems to me that JDK6 is basically considered finished. I guess they call it the final testing period, but even if bugs are found they will not be fixed unless they make the JRE crash on startup or set your laptop on fire (which is quite a shame if you ask me).

Regarding Dolphin I guess they first try to set up the environment for open sourcing the beast.

But I do not have any insider knowledge, so I could be completely wrong.