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jMaki fish eye trouble and a combobox question - netbeans

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A two part post:
1. I've installed the latest dev build of netbeans and the jMaki nbm and built a quick JSF/jMaki web app. When I add a fish eye widget and run the project (Tomcat), I get the gray bar across the page but cannot see the icons. I get the icon text, but no icons.

2. Where does one control the attributes for widgets. Specifically, using the combobox, I'd like to disable the filtering and show all elements in the list regardless of the text entering in the box. Is there documentation somewhere that I've missed?

I'm running:
Ubuntu 6.06
JDK 1.5.0_08

Great tool though. The netbeans integration is great! Thanks for your effort.

- Joe

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For 1:

This is a bug and I've filed an issue:

For 2:

We are building a attribute / property editor and adding more widget arguments to edit for the .5 release of jMaki and the nbm. Look for it later this week (around 10/4/2006 ) or if you are daring enough you can build it from the CVS source.