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Web 4.0 sample application

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Joined: 2005-02-16

We have all seen the web v1.0 and the improved "v2.0" sites which seem to have captured a lot of attention this year.
Well I'm proposing web 4.0. Which does away with AJAX and all the spagetti code it produces.

So just exactly what is web 4.0 app?

Web 4.0 is a rich client application written in Swing and integrating nicely with the users desktop via JDIC. Web 4.0 applications are launched via webstart and store all their data in Glassfish. Thus giving the user true application portability (think googlemail) but with all the power of a traditional application (think Thunderbird).

Like AJAX before it. Web 4.0 is not really anything new, simply just a way of using and thinking about existing technology.

Getting started.
Well thats why this message is posed on this list.
What would be great is for a very simple java webstart demo application to be written which uses Glassfish's webstartable client container. But the tricky bit. The demo application needs to use security, after all, you wouldn't use googlemail if you knew anybody could use your account.

So this is my plea.
Please, show me how to write a webstartable client container application which uses security. One where the client application controls when and how to request a username and password from the user.

Peter Henderson.

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Joined: 2005-03-23

Adding to this question. I have a client that does fairly complicated job but does not use a lot of container functionalities. The client code happens to be small - about few 100 Kbytes. However, the overall download is about 35MB as the entire ACC gets downloaded. Is there a way to configure the application by which this can be cut down to few MBs? All I need is one remote session bean to connect the downloaded client to server.