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eBay Session at AJAXWorld: "Using AJAX and Web Services with Widgets"

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from Services Oriented Architectures (SOAs) and business collaboration technologies and platforms, often enabled by Web Services and orchestration constructs like BPEL, can be a tremendous business benefit. SOAs can provide the fl exibility in enterprises to adapt to rapidly changing business conditions. Collaboration platforms enable tighter integration between trading partners both at a data and process level. When successfully implemented, these approaches and tools can garner significant improvements in efficiency, communication, service levels, and ultimately profits. However, quantifying the benefit can prove challenging.
Widget platforms are a natural fit for sites such as eBay, because by using Web services you can monitor the status of ever-changing data. However, there are unique challenges you will need to overcome in order to use Web services in your widget, such as security constraints, authentication, data overload, and more. JSON, XSLT, proxy servers, Flash bridging, and other technologies can help, but each approach has both advantages and drawbacks. This talk discusses how to use Web services within widget platforms, like, and dives into some real-world examples of widgets that use third-party Web services.