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Unhappy about deprecation

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Apparently, is now deprecated: "Initialization of this field is prone to deadlocks. The field must be initialized by the Logger class initialization which may cause deadlocks with the LogManager class initialization. In such cases two class initialization wait for each other to complete. As of JDK version 1.6, the preferred way to get the global logger object is via the call Logger.getLogger(Logger.GLOBAL_LOGGER_NAME)."

I like using to entice beginning programmers into logging. "Just change System.out.println into". Same number of keystrokes... (I don't tell them about the import :-))

Logger.getLogger(Logger.GLOBAL_LOGGER_NAME) isn't going to win the hearts and minds of those programmers.

I know it's a small thing, but these small things matter when you try to get lazy people to stop using S.o.p.

Surely someone can figure out a way to solve that. After all, we have System.out :-)


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We really scratched our heads hard on this problem, so please don't think we decided this lightly. The deadlock was a serious problem we needed to fix. We tried various solutions but the way the logging code was written created numerous road blocks to a good fix that didn't create a different deadlock or create a new API that we didn't have time to deal with (this work happened late in the release). These static fields are very problematic in this logger code and we really need an expert in this area to help out. (public static fields in classes are bad news).

The logging code has not gotten much attention and it consistently falls in the 'low priority' list of features we need to give attention to. Sorry, just telling it like it is so you can understand the situation.


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I agree with numeropi. Adding a getGlobal() (or, if you want to be cute, global()) method that simply calls Logger.getLogger(Logger.GLOBAL_LOGGER_NAME) would solve the problem.

I added a RFE in the bug parade. Is there a better mechanism these days?

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That was my fault, sorry about that. And thank you for reporting this problem and opening an RFE. I had to add the convenience method getGlobal() when made the 'global' field deprecated. It is relatively easy to fix this new RFE:
6476146: Add convenience method for deprecated
It needs to be fixed in the jdk 6 update as well.

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Request that a method Logger.getGlobal() be added. That shouldn't be very risky.

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who cares?
Sun never removes anything deprecated so you might as well ignore the warnings (and now there's an annotation you can simply have your IDE put on top of every class to do that automatically) and get on with life.

That's of course not what it's meant for, but it is the end result of Sun's obstinate refusal to ever remove anything deprecated.

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> Surely someone can figure out a way to solve that.
> After all, we have [b]System.out[/b] :-)

There have probably been a few regrets about System.out as well. I believe it required a special exception in the latest memory model.

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Java Logging isn't winning the hearts and minds of programmers anyway. I didn't know anyone used it. Anyway, is it worthwhile to cater to someone too lazy to get the right log in the first place?

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1) GlassFish uses java.util.logging.

2) Some people use java.util.logging to avoid the "tragedy of the commons" (i.e. having to deal with yet another commons-froufrou.jar).

3) It is [b]always[/b] worth trying to win the hearts and minds of the lazy programmers. That's where 99% of the market is :-)

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I'm not particularly pleased with it either since I'd argued for its inclusion in the first place. It's very handy to know you can add a call to into someone elses code whilst debugging and not have to mess around with explicitly getting an Logger instance etc. I guess since it's not the "proper" way of logging (and I'll admit that I don't generally use it) it has a lower priority and they're happy enough to deprecate it. Grrr...