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Ajax based validations ?

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I think it would be a good idea to have JSP custom tags for performing AJAX based validations, for different types of data type fields.

For eg :
If the developer wants to perform a AJAX based date validation on the keyup even of a date field, he/she could just use the tag which does the validation on server side.

Similary for a input text field which should take only alphabets, he/she could use a jsp tag that does the validation.

I request that this feature to be added to the jMaki tool kit ?

Please let me know what do you think.


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Joined: 2003-07-31

Are you asking for a more generic toolkit independent form of validation?

Oh this is a tough one. Remember that jMaki is focused on exposing wrapping JavaScript in a componetized way. There are many good frameworks out there that do server side validation including the JSF Extensions if you are using JSF and Struts if you are using plain JSP

If you are thinking about clientside validation this is provided by Dojo (see ).