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The Release 1.0 Plan has been posted on the LG Twiki

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"Panorama" is the code name that the LG core team members
have been using to describe the desktop aspect of LG. (As opposed to "AppKit" which denotes the application library
aspect of LG). I just posted on the LG Twiki the plan for
Panorama Release 1.0. The main focus of this release is
stability and bug fixes. There are no new major features
planned at this time. If you plan to add any features in
the 1.0 time frame please let me know so I can add them to the Twiki. Because stability and quality are the priorities
of this release, we plan to add something to our release process that we have never done on LG before: we will have a Beta test cycle. Specifically, we hope to have 1.0 Beta ready by 10/20/06. After that we will have a 1 month Beta
test phase which will hopefully culminate in a blessed 1.0 General Availability (GA) release somewhere around 11/17/06 (I'm using this nomenclature because Sun management understands it). If you own any bugs which you plan to fix for Beta, please be sure to mark them P1 or P2 with a target milestone of 1.0. If you own any bugs which you plan (or hope) to fix for GA, please be mark them as P3 with the same target milestone.

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So, will there be no 0.9 release?


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0.9 has become 1.0 beta