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Bug in JDK's HTTP client?

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When I user HttpURLConnection to fetch a URL that contains a fragment identifier (anchor), JDK's outgoing HTTP request does not include the anchor. This is expected behaviour.

However, when I configure a proxy server (using http.proxyHost etc system properties), the outgoing HTTP request to the proxy includes the anchor. The proxy relays this faithfully to the app server which returns a 404.

This is likely a JDK bug. Anybody else run into this?


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Joined: 2006-01-27

I have just investigated this issue and found it to be a Java bug. It was first intruduced in 1.4. So if you are running with 1.3 you should not have this problem.

I have logged a bug with in the bug database to track this issue. You can view it at:

Search for Bug ID: 6469663

It will take a few days to get into the system. I will update this forum thread with the direct link when it becomes available.

The Bug ID will contain the technical details of this issue as well as the releases that it will be fixed in.

Joined: 2006-01-27