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Paging Radek/Michal :-) regarding Google SOC

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Hi Radek/Michal
Sorry for this broadcast - but could either of you get in touch with me
ASAP regarding the final review for Michal's SOC project. The deadline
for submitting a review (by an administrator) is Sep 13

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Radek Kierner

Hi Krishna,

Very Sorry for sleep tieme . I was waiting from Michal for his work
from few weeks and everything what I gor from him isn't totally usablle
and for this momment any commit isn't any sens ... He promise me that he
will work on this for next 2 weeks and commit code to CVS. My personal
sytuation isn't good now and I can help him only few haouers per week.
After my disscusion with him we decide that mid-term payment form google
will be good for him for his work. For me and us most important is ,my
guess that HelpTool is very needed even when dead line of google is
over. I am stil pinging him and monitoring his work.


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