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How (Windows) developers can contribute to JDK 6 (Open Java)

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Joined: 2006-09-05

The sample contribution page shows a diff patch format, but how many Windows developers do you think know how to do this? (for that matter, how many Java developers who do most of their productive work in graphical IDEs know how to use command-line tools?).

If you want to attract contributions, make it easy - give specific instructions that refer to tools available for each platform, starting with Windows.

Then write a plug-in for NetBeans *and* Eclipse that makes this possible from within IDEs!

But just **right now**, maybe you could add the instructions I've posted on

All the best,
Colm (a pending Open Java contributor)

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Joined: 2005-12-12

This blog may be of interest to you:

svn diff


Joined: 2006-09-05

Hi leouser, thanks for the pointer - I updated my post to reflect the fact that the code will be available via SVN.

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Thanks for your suggestions and your blog...

Windows is a tricky platform (to build Java on) and we
know we need to make it easier. (Disclaimer: I'm
*not* a Windows build guru ;-)

The idea of a NetBeans plugin to make contribution
easier makes a lot of sense. The word people used
internally for that idea is "wonderful".. Of course
the tool needs to help prepare the contribution for
peer review, possibly with a test case and/or test
results... etc. etc.

As we work out our contribution process (and tools)
I really hope to get your feedback from the
Windows perspective. And, of course, I'm thrilled
to hear you a a pending contributor to Open Java!