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Lg3d 1.0 and the next steps

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As you may have noticed we have been updating the bug database to reflect what we plan to fix for 1.0 and what will have to wait for future releases. I want to take some time to explain what we are thinking for this release and what we plan to do next...

Project Looking Glass has always been about 2 major points

1) Provide a platform within which we can experiment with 3D desktop and application interfaces

2) Provide a prototype desktop to demonstrate the 'state of art'

I think we have been succesful in providing a low level platform API but as many of the threads on the forum indicate it's pretty tuff to build a compelling application UI at the moment. Meanwhile the prototype desktop has continued to create a tremendous amount of interest, which is great.

The goal for the 1.0 release is to stabalise the desktop to a point where it usable for a day or 2 by most users so that we can gather further feedback from 'long term' use. We realize there are limitations to the current environment but feel there are other more pressing areas on which we can work......

Which leads me to what we are planning for post 1.0 release. The goal of the entire lg3d project was and remains to discover uses for the GPU's in our computers that can make a user more productive. What we have not seen much of in lg3d todate is rich application UI's, there have certainly been some very interesting ideas demonstrated but no really polished UI.

So what we plan to work on next, for a while at least, is improving the application api layer to make the creation of rich applications easier. As part of this we will also create some application UI's to demonstrate the advantages that 3D can bring to an application. In an attempt to grow the lg3d community further we plan to make this API available both in the lg3d desktop but also to standalone Java applications (by running lg3d in a new LgAppKit mode). The idea here is that you can create a rich UI which will run on any desktop within a window as well as within the lg3d desktop. Hopefully this will lead to more developers participating in lg3d. This does not mean we are abandoning the goal of building a 3D desktop, work in this area will continue but the primary focus for a while will be on creating new applications for the desktop.

We really feel this strategy will help to improve lg3d in the long term and attract more people to contribute to the community. The continued support from the dedicated members of this community will be vital to the on going success of lg3d so please give us your feedback on these plans.


Paul, Hideya, Deron, Krishna

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Joined: 2004-07-10

I think this is great. Now if we could only make it as easy as it is to make UI with swing in netbeans that would be great. Although I know that it would be kinda hard to do that.


Joined: 2003-06-13

That indeed would be cool and is something we will be looking at, but as you say it's kind of hard so I'm not sure how far we will get. There is a group in Cairo investigating this at the moment but I've not seen their current work. Hopefully they will release something soon.

Joined: 2003-09-02

It probably doesn't need to be said, but here "Cairo" is referring to the city in Egypt and not the GNOME rendering API.