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Passing an on a per user basis

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Joined: 2004-09-01

I want to pass an argument via jnlp to my application. I've got a jsp page which generates a dynamic jnlp file. The argument is the user key, which the server knows (because the person has logged into a web system).

I've got the argument section filled in thus:

<%= username %>

When the jsp page is hit, the jnlp is created correctly, and javaws starts up, but the argument does not come down. Debugging finds that the jsp page is being hit roughly 8 times, and only the first one has the argument. Further debugging finds that the arguments that are actually passed to the program are from the very last hit of the jsp.

I find that the first has the same http session as the logged in user, but all the other calls have a second session.

What's the right way to get the argument passed down per user ?

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Joined: 2004-09-01

Ack, I was just coming back to update that I had missed the href that was hanging around, and you beat me to the post :)

Thanks for the response, it was spot on !

Joined: 2003-06-25

Are you setting an href in your JNLP/JSP file? If so, Webstart is caching the JNLP file. I had a similar problem and resorted to two JNLP/JSP files: one with no arguments which could be cached and one with arguments and no href.

Webstart needs to be enhanced to handle passing arguments ala query parameters.