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Usability Concerns

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Joined: 2005-05-24

I'm quite concerned that many of the usability features of Looking Glass are being continously being pushed to later versions. Thing's like the color picker were filed for ver. 0.9 and now to 1.1, as others.

- Working with the filesystem is still a mess.
- Woking with removable media is a mess.
- Making the same mistake as apple... Maximize dosen't work for nothing. What if I want my app to take the hole screen?
- Registering applicactions on the menu is hard.
- Video playback lacks HW acceleration.
- Desktop Icons?
- Gadget Support. (Google Desktop)
- An Apple MacOS X Expos

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Joined: 2004-05-26

Just my opinions here. :-)

Maximizing X11 applications works for me. Desktop icon support is halfway working in CVS. It looks like a "task tray" is functioning (that's where the desktop wallpaper switcher icon is sitting), although it lacks a clock.

Otherwise, I have to agree with all your concerns. Actually, I can add at least one concern to your list--LG3D isn't very good at getting maximum use out of screen "real estate". In spite of the noise that I hear about LG3D coming to a desktop near you, it really feels like a research project, not a production-ready product.

I use LG3D to play with 3D app ideas, but I personally don't consider it something that I could at all use as an everyday desktop.

To the LG3D core team: What are you really envisioning for a 1.0 release? Does 1.0 mean "doesn't run too slowly and doesn't crash too much", "complete enough to write 'real' applications against the APIs", "feature complete enough that *I* can use it every day", or does it actually mean "usable enough for Joe Shmoe"?

As a test bed for new application ideas and usability research, LG3D is awesome (that's why I'm here!). As a usable environment, it has a little ways to go.


Joined: 2003-06-13

I agree with the concerns, I'm going to start a new thread to discuss our plans for 1.0 and our thinking for what comes next.....