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Dapper and the fragile web

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Joined: 2003-06-09

A colleague put me on to Dapper earlier today (I must have been sleeping when it was all the buzz). It's kinda nifty. Dapper is basically a tool that allows you to create various kinds of dynamic content from existing web pages. You can take any page, define fields of interest, and Dapper will then allow you to produce RSS feeds, alerts, Google Widgets, and generally integrate with all sorts of nifty web 2.0 services.

Dapper allows you to create a "black box" (a Dapp) for any data source on the Internet. The Dapp produces XML which you can use programatically in whatever way you like. Additionally, Dapper provides you with the ability to transform this XML into other formats (e.g.: HTML, Google Maps, RSS, more).