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REST vs SOA: Round 991

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About a month ago I read Scott Raymond's entry about implementing a "crudy architecture", Refactoring to REST. A while ago, the tireless Mark Baker claimed "I'm confident that in time, you and others will come to appreciate why REST is an improvement on SOA." Mark's claim is worthy of some analysis and the answer lies, I think, with what the RoR developers are now calling "crudy architectures."

It's a bit disappointing that developers are only now stumbling upon the benefits of RESTful architecture. It's only taken a good chunk of a decade for web guys to discover what the distributed systems guys learned long ago. The Ruby guys look to be converging on the "data over operators" approach as an established best practice. Even the Java web guys, long notorious for designing webapps with horrible URLs that include operations in them, are slowly coming to understand that simple, clean and, dare I say, RESTful URL spaces are a good thing.