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Hi everyone

I haven't followed the development of LG3D lately, nor was I ever actively involved in it ;). However, yesterday I decided to give it another look. I tried the 0.8.1 Windows installer on Win XP. My first impressions were:

- it's much more responsive now than I remember it, although I have actually downgraded my vid card since last time(gf4mx, previously gf6600, don't ask why ;) )

- the install went great, it was VERY easy. I was never afraid of complicated setups if they were well explained (as were previous lg3d versions) but I really enjoyed the easier approach

- don't know if it's the normal behaviour (java gc style) or there are still memory leaking problems, but I noticed that occupied memory raised rapidly from about 60MB to 200MB after just opening, playing around with, and then closing the various apps, no more then 2 or 3 at once. When I close an app, it frees up some memory, but less then it occupied when started. In the end, I got about 180MB with all apps closed and the performance seemed to be affected (not as responsive as in the beginning). And that after about 15 min of playing around

Seeing how easy it was, I decided to also try installing on Ubuntu, which I didn't actually get the time to do yet.. installing Ubuntu, that is. But I read "Getting Started" and some questions popped up:

1. Is the Windows version not supported anymore or something? It's not even mentioned in the doc

2. What happened to lg3d-session? It is listed as an appendix, as opposed to dev and app modes. I also saw a brief comment by deronj in the forums about it being deprecated, but couldn't find other info.

Bonus question ;)
Would it be a good idea to have maybe a section in the FAQ, or a separate page (wiki?), to document these and other changes that come over time? People like me, not watching the forum and coming back to the project from time to time might get confused.

/sorry for the long post

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Joined: 2003-06-13

Hi Sorine,

Welcome back, glad you liked the most recent work. The great Windows installer is thanks to catscratch.

We also have Ubunutu packages now so that install should be very easy.

lg3d-session is still in the code base but is not the preferred mode of operation. This is due to a couple of issues. The biggest problem was some incompatibility with gdm, we could not get lg3d-session started at login time. The second was lack of composite support on ATI cards.

Running lg3d-app full screen in a borderless window give the same user experience as lg3d-session but without these issues. The only drawback is that there are 2 X servers running to memory consumption is a little higher.

Thanks for the info on the memory leaks. I'll investigate.