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jMaki Plugin for NetBeans

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I downloaded and installed the plugin and all went well. Next I created a new project from Web Application template and chose the jMaki support (of course!).

NB popped up a message about reference issues and told me to right click on the project and choose resolve references. When I did that and chose the jMaki library, it listed a library that started out "nbinst/..." I removed it and closed out of the dialogs.

Next I built and ran the project. When it was done compiling and deploying, it ran (giving me a big "JSP Page" in the browser).

Is this reproducible by someone else? Is there a packaging problem? Is there actually a jar file that is missing?

Environment: OS X 10.4.7, NB 5.5 Beta 2, Enterprise Pack Bata installed.

If you need more info, let me know.

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Joined: 2006-07-21

I had the same thing, same setup on OSX and XP.
It seems as though the yahoo.jar is missing. I'm not sure if this is absolutely the right thing to do but...
The referencing problem can be resolved by downloading the jar from the cvs ( and putting it in:
OSX [NB5.5 install dir]/Content/Resources/NetBeans/nb5.5/modules/etx/jmaki
XP [NB5.5 install dir]\nb5.5\modules\ext\jmaki