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Dojo Menu2 menutitem2 and popmenu2

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Joined: 2004-03-04

Is there way to create Dojo menu and its submenu in jMaki?

File Edit Help

The File, Edit and Help is defined in the menu2 component.htm and the New, Open and Close is defined in the popmenu2 component.htm
Since the uuid is generated by jMaki, I cannot link the popmenu to the menu2. One way I can think is to 'hardcode' some id and store it in the jmaki.attributes and then in the menu2 component html, get the attributes and add it to the menu. Any ideas or better way to do this?

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Joined: 2003-07-31

I think the easiest way to communicate in this case is to use some publish subscribe events. We have a bit of documentation on using this mechanism with the Dojo FishEye at:

jMaki has publish/subscribe just to prevent this type of thing.

Another option is for you to provide an id attribute and an id of your choosing on the JSP/JSF tag. This will let you override the uuid to any id of your choosing.