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java performance on VMware

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Hello, we are using latest VMware solution in our application servers. My colleague is pretty confident about it's performance but i am still a bit sceptic. I know that using virtualization has tremendous advantages in servers. but for performance hungry production servers i still think raw OS usage may be a better solution. My question is, Has anybody made a Java performance test for the same hardware with or without VMware? Especially multi-core, multi CPU servers. Or is there a link i can check..

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Joined: 2004-01-07

To be honest I am also a bit skeptic although I've to admit that I've no raw numbers. I just benchmarked VmWare-Workstation on a single-cpu system and the slowdown was noticeable I believe somewhere between 25-50%.

But this was the workstation version on a single-cpu system, I guess the server eddition is better tuned.

Many newer x86 CPUs have support for virtualization like AMD's Pacific. I don't know wether VmWare supports this (Xen does) but this should help to minimize the introduced overhead a lot.

lg Clemens

Btw. you could try to run some tests yourself. I am pretty suren there are some free realistic-workload benchmarks for java.