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How will OpenJava affect your effort to contribute?

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Im always curious as to why folks contribute source to projects. There is the JDK Collaboration effort already in existence but now that Java is moving to different liscensing, how will this change affect why and why not you contribute.

I generally classify(maybe wrongly) the people who currently contribute as developers who like to work with the souce regardless of the license.

So what about the rest of crew?
Ive seen a couple of 'types' in regards to this issue:
1. Developers who won't contribute unless the license is an Open Source license or maybe even a particular license.

2. Developers who don't contribute because they don't know about the current way to contribute.

Im not sure how the change will effect the first group. For some the change will be "good enough". Others, don't know.

The second group, well I think the change will be good. Generally when I hear the term "Open Source" I think that its a project where people can contribute. So in this sense, just making Java Open Source will function as a form of permanent advertisement. People may actively search out how to contribute instead of finding out about it and then contributing.

Where do you fit in this scheme? Are you one of the 2 "types"? Or are you something entirely different, maybe unique even?


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Joined: 2006-02-02

I would contribute. I am afraid of all the current legalese would “taint” me if I worked on it. Who knows what I'd work on in the future at my real job that might conflict? This is my passion and livelihood and I can't take the chance just to help out. Once things are open sourced, well, I'd find a bug fix it and then find another etc. You can't scare me with code, but you can scare me with lawyers.

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I belong in the first group, but I still sent in my first fix for the JDK yesterday for some BSD licensed code in it (Java2D demo was using non-standard, Sun-specific APIs to deal with JPEGs instead of the standard imageio ones, which means it wouldn't compile or work properly with Kaffe).

Since I have to avoid being bound by the JRL to avoid potential implications on my work on Kaffe, I had to use the bug parade, and I'm waiting for review.

With my contribution, I noticed that the Sun JDK behaved differently from what I'd expect: duke's nose's colour was blue instead of red in the flipped JPEG.

Unfortunately, since Sun's code for their class library impleemntation is not open source, I may not look at it, and try to find out whether it's a bug in Sun's imageio implementation, or something else.

So Sun's licensing choice does prevent me from making more useful contributions, at least.

Joined: 2004-05-05

Oh, and I'd like to praise Sun's Dmitri Trembovetski for being quick to follow up to and explain that the blue nose I was seeing is fixed in Mustang, on the relevant JavaLobby thread:

Collaboration is happening, and takes many forms. I'm looking forward to see much more of it.