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Autocomplete combobox usability under Aqua look and feel

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Greetings Swing scientists ---

There's a problem with editable JComboBoxes on the Mac.
When the list of options is small (ie. < 10), the popup obscures the
editor so you can't see the text being typed. This also happens
for any number of options when the combo box is near the bottom
of the screen.

Although this problem applies to all JComboBoxes, it's particularly
annoying for those with AutoComplete because then the
popup is opened automatically.

I've created a tiny webstart app that demonstrates the problem,
plus a fix! If you're running a Mac, try typing "Oceana" into either
combobox and compare which one is more usable:

The sourcecode for the fix is here: ( (

Please accept this as a contribution to JXComboBox and
AutoCompleteDecorator classes. As always, I grant full copyright.


PS - I found the problem while working with our own autocomplete
code for Glazed Lists and I figured I might as well share it!
Our autocomplete behaves similar to yours, except that it also filters
like the Firefox address bar.

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Joined: 2003-07-08

Cool, thanks Jesse! Could you please file this as an issue in the issue tracker? I'll be sure to apply the fix when I get to the auto-complete reviews. (I'd do it sooner if I had a diff... ;-)).


Jesse Wilson

I've filed an issue complete with patchfile:


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Thomas Bierhance

Jesse Wilson wrote:
> I've filed an issue complete with patchfile:

Jesse, thanks a lot for the contribution! I'm on vacation right now, but will be
handling the issue when back home.


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Joined: 2007-05-20

Is this issue resolved?
Where can I found example code?

Joined: 2006-06-08

It has been solved for a long time. All of the workaround code is in the workaround subpackage.