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I'm new in the mac world. Have a lot of experience on PC platform but it's time to change for lots of reasons not to discuss here.
I started with some written java code imported in xcode. I downloaded the latest java 5 bundle. If I try to select a java keyword let say PrintWriter and click on the search in documentation or reference it can't found the keyword.
I tried to extend manually the links but without result. I can see all the documentation indexes on my disk in the java directory. What can I do to have this link set up properly in the help ?

code sense works well
have a macbook intel


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Did you grab the latest version of XCode?

It is a very chunky download, just a bit shy of a gig.

I seem to recall during the installation process it has an option to install everything including the kitchen sink, if you pick that the doco should show up properly.

XCode is actually a really nice IDE, however it isn't a 'spiritual descendant' of proto-netbeans, so it has some features that are missing from the more 'mainstream' Java IDEs. On the other hand, it is absolutely packed to the eyeballs with nifty little features that I never would have expected to find, simply because they aren't in the mainstream IDEs at all.

I ended up buying a book on it, something I would normally never consider doing (buying a book on the tool? There must be something wrong with the tool!) and I've been quite happy with that decision. It is the one with the shiny silver cover... hard to miss! (There are others in the same 'series' with similar bling bling overload, so if you do go and grab one make sure you get the XCode one.)

Some of it is a bit basic, some of it irrelevant for a Java programmer (history of development on a mac...? whatever), but there are some really nice tips and tricks in there.

I think it is: The Mac Xcode 2 Book (Paperback)