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DLJ - Reactos (Win32 compatible OS)

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ReactOS is an open source OS that is implementation of Win32 API using WinNT compatible kernel + modified WINE.
Existing Sun JRE for Windows should at some point work on ReactOS.
Can I bundle JRE with distribution of ReactOS ( under DLJ license?


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I'd heard of React OS before.... Just checked the
site again.. you have some very ambitious goals!

Regretably the DLJ does not cover a situation such
as yours. In the case of Linux and OpenSolaris
our bits are going into a target OS which is substantially
similar to the ones we already support ourselves.

However we are very interested to learn to what
degree the Sun JVM works on React OS.

And realize you can build it now under the JRL:

If you want to distribute it you would then
need the JDL (I'm looking for contact information
on that now...)

And, as I'm sure you've heard, we are working on
making Java SE open source. When that happens
then you will be able to distribute Sun Java without
one of the aforementioned licenses.