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Several services or one? (axis)

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I have to develop several web services with axis, I'm thinking in two options:

1. Develop all webservices in only a service file. One wsdl, one stub. Very easy.
2. Develop several services in groups. Several wsdl files, several stubs...

What is move easy and clear, for the client developer?

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This is not really the right forum for this question but i will have a stab at it.

It is considered good practice to design Web services that are somewhat loosely coupled and coarse-grained, which generally translates to large messages and few requests/reponses, rather than small messages and many requests/reponses e.g. service.sendPurchaseOrder(...) rather than service.setAddress(...), service.setName(...) etc..

Then i think it comes down to composability. This can be considered a bit like in the design Java/C++ classes for reuse/modularity.

In general i would be inclined to not go overboard on the modularity front. If your Web service is designed to do 'one service thing' then keep it all together, and try to separate non-related functionality.

The composition of services and the order invocations on what services (orchestration/choegraphy) is IMHO starting to settle and standars/tools are getting there.

However, i would recommend keeping things simple unless orchestration/choegraphy is an absolute requirement for you. Imposing on the developer too much management of invoking interelated services by hand will make things very difficult for them!

Hope this helps,