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complete jsf sample

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Joined: 2006-03-27

I see the demo application. Very good job !!!
But i would like to use it now for evaluation with JSF

Is it possible to have a complete sample application for jsf ? By exemple a fisheye.jsf:
1)How to configure multiple menu element (icon, jsf action)
3)Mapping the ajax component to a backing bean ??
4)How to activate an Action linked with the menu element ?

Is it possible to provide this kind of tutorial ?

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Joined: 2003-07-31

jMaki is designed to allow for all visual components like the Dojo Fish Eye to behave exactly the same as a JSP tag or JSF component. The tag declaration is the exact same with the main difference being the JSF version appears under a and the TLD maps to <%@ taglib prefix="a" uri="" %>

Many of the samples in the sample app do have JSF examples and the only things that is preventing more examples is time.

Sang Shin as created an extensive tutorial which I haven't liked to on the main site yet but it covers customization of the FishEye. The method to customize the FishEye applies the exact same to the FishEye as a JSF component.

Let us know what you think.