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Removing the AWT toolkit from the java.awt namespace

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Hi Everyone
I have just done a series of commits which were all a part of my attempt
to remove the AWT toolkit from the java.awt namespace.
Essentially all the files were moved from java.awt package to
org.jdesktop.lg3d.awt package
Also the files in org.jdesktop.lg3d.displayserver.awtpeer were moved to

The AWT toolkit was using some of the protected/package access
methods/fields in java.awt and these are now accessed using reflection.
Down the line I am guessing that this will cause security problems when
we get our webstart working again. I have wrapped these
protected/package accesses in doPriveleged blocks but I havent done any
testing of that path yet. We will possibly address it when we get
webstart working again.

I have only tested this on Linux (java5 and java6) and havent done any
windows/solaris testing. Please let me know if I have broken anything...


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