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.cer file - how to connect JAXWS

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Joined: 2006-04-24

I have received .cer file from my supplier. How do I connect to the supplier to access their web service. Could you please help.

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Joined: 2006-02-15

Hello mohitanchlia,

.cer extension is usually for X509 Certificates which probably means that their service is secured. Another thing you will have to know is what security policies your supplier applied to their service. Just encrypt, just signed, both, ...

After you know that you can have a look at the:

What you basically will need is a client-security-config XML file which describes the security policy and a SecurityEnvironmentHandler class which will handle the certificate stuff.

Good luck,

Joined: 2006-04-24

Do I still need to have client handler for this. I already have my keystore manager and trust manager thats doing the SSL handshake. Do I need to include this in client_security.xml file too ?

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Unless you are using Sun Web Services security you do not need the client handler.

If you are strictly using SSL or HTTPS then you

TrustStore/Keystore provided from your supplier
defined in System Properties.
Client application.

What info did your provider pass on to you regarding the
security capabilities of the web service you are trying to access?

And yes, I do have a goal to post the sample https application by the COB today, though I can not promise that.

From your other posted queries to the forum it is hard to follow exactly what steps you have taken with your application.

IF you could post a segment of your client application along with what versions of jaxws 2.0, where you got jaxws from and the information you got from your web service provider, I may be able to help you a bit more-