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Sound effects for GPL/MPL projects

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I'm trying to find some beep/click sound effects for some of my Open Source projects. I want to be able to play them without having to pull in any extensions to the JRE, so they need to be in .wav or .aif format.

Does anybody have any suggestions for places to look? Google so far has been pulling up lots of really crummy free sound collections. :-(

I don't think that what I'm looking for is that hard to create--just some little beep noises for doing a countdown sequence, and maybe a happy startup sound.

William Tracy

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Joined: 2006-02-20

Perhaps you could record them yourself? Many monitors come with a build in mic, or perhaps you have a headset? I believe a pair of headphones can work as a crummy mic if you plug it into the in port of you audio card.

From there it shouldn't be hard to find some suitable machines in your house to make your beeps and clicks.

Also, the book Wicked Cool Java has a few pages on making sound effects and music using low level Java Sound or the lightweight JFugue library.